ASU Campus Alliances & Sponsorships

JMI Sports and Arizona State University have partnered to create an innovative Total Campus Marketing program. Signed in 2014, the 10-year sponsorship and digital signage agreement is a collaborative effort to generate revenue and provide additional benefit for the entire university through the strategic engagement of corporate partners. Operating as ASU Campus Alliances & Sponsorships, our team is managing the development of the campus-wide sponsorship program and ultimately a first-of-its-kind Digital Signage Network. Planned for all six ASU campuses in the greater Phoenix area, the Digital Signage Network will include marquees, billboards, wayfinding stations, kiosks and other digital assets to inform and engage university stakeholders while improving security and adding value to corporate partners. Led by President Mark Tilson, ASU Campus Alliances & Sponsorships maximizes the immense value of ASU’s marketing assets while preserving and enhancing the university’s academic environment.

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