Business Operations

JMI Sports offers expertise in the operations of collegiate athletic departments, professional sports organizations and other sports properties. We help clients develop business strategies and operational plans that increase revenues and create efficiencies, positioning them for long-term success. Our first-hand knowledge, supplemented by survey responses from season ticket holders, staff and other stakeholders, provides a valuable third party perspective to accelerate improvement of any sports business.

Business Strategy

JMI Sports performs a thorough analysis of the economics of a business and assesses its financial position. We examine all sources of income and devise strategies to maximize revenues at every opportunity. We analyze cost drivers and make recommendations to improve efficiency, which may include outsourcing solutions. Recognizing the evolving business landscape and regulatory environment, we also facilitate contingency planning and provide guidance in the development of strategic plans to serve as roadmap to achieving an organization’s diverse goals.

Organizational Structure

To gain an in-depth understanding of a client’s organizational structure and behavior, JMI Sports interviews leadership and staff and analyzes performance reviews, exit interviews and survey responses from personnel, fans and others. Based on our findings, we offer suggestions for improvement in regard to: departmental structure, management effectiveness, staff allocation, compensation and incentives, policies and procedures, outside resources, office environment and culture. Our goal is to help create a structure and environment that provides the greatest opportunity for success.

Operational Performance

JMI Sports evaluates the performance of an organization as compared to their internal goals, peers, and competitors. As determined by the client, our team examines a specific business function or undertakes a comprehensive departmental review. Areas of focus may include: facility operations, capital improvements, ticket sales and service, game-day management and organizational structure. At the conclusion of the study, we provide detailed feedback and a recommended plan of action noting prioritization and estimated cost impacts.

Ticket & Premium Sales

JMI Sports assists collegiate and professional sports properties in building and implementing comprehensive sales and marketing plans that elevate the capabilities of their internal resources and maximize profits from ticket and premium sales. Whether a business partnership or a consulting engagement, our focus is on driving revenue through outbound sales, new technology and strategic alignment of all sales, marketing and advertising efforts into one cohesive operation.