Project Financing

JMI Sports delivers financing solutions for new and renovated stadiums, ballparks, arenas, and other capital improvements projects. We work with universities, professional teams, private entities and municipalities to evaluate the cost and feasibility of major facility projects, develop business plans to generate the revenues necessary to fund them, and identify the most appropriate and lowest risk financing. Our objective is to provide clients with the information needed to make such critical financial decisions and deliver an implementation plan that ensures long-term success.

Revenue Maximization

JMI Sports believes that the most successful facilities are the ones in which revenue generation takes the appropriate precedence during the facility planning and design processes. We work with the client to develop a unique revenue plan that establishes multiple streams of significant and sustainable revenues. In the process, we carefully balance client traditions and regional preferences with a strong commercial presence. This revenue model is a critical component of the business plan and financial model that defines and quantifies the development opportunity.

Financial Modeling

JMI Sports develops business plans and financial models that aide in determining the feasibility of large scale sports and infrastructure projects and in securing the most effective financing. After carefully examining the client’s current operations and future facility goals, we develop a business plan that that maximizes the development opportunity and includes a robust revenue model. To estimate project costs and devise cost saving strategies, our team collaborates with renowned sports architects and contractors. All elements of the business plan are quantified and incorporated into detailed financial model that is tested through our research partners before it is taken to the financing market.

Sports Facility Financing

JMI Sports offers guidance in securing financing that increases the profit potential of the facility project while mitigating risk to the client. In the collegiate market, we understand the difficult balance between the allocation of funds for academics and athletics. In the professional ranks, we know first-hand the obstacles faced by municipalities trying to provide world class facilities to attract or retain their teams. After a thorough review of the project’s constraints and opportunities, including bond and debt capacity limits, JMI Sports sources and evaluates financing options, then assists in determining the approach that best achieves the goals of the client and does not jeopardize other financial priorities.

Asset Privatization

JMI Sports assists universities and municipalities in the process of privatizing non-core assets, such as parking garages and meters, power plants, hospitals and student housing. Selling these non-core assets provides significant upfront cash payments from a partner who will invest to improve and expand these resources. Leasing provides a substantial and steady long-term revenue stream while maintaining operational control. Selling or leasing non-core assets can be a valuable mechanism for funding capital projects or endowments, or simply balancing an operating budget.