Total Campus Marketing™

JMI Sports helps universities capitalize on their immense marketing power through the development and management of valuable campus-wide sponsorship programs and innovative digital signage networks.

Campus Sponsorships

Our team collaborates with university leadership to identify categories of business where sponsorship opportunities exist that will provide significant new and recurring revenues to the school and excellent ROIs for its marketing partners. With a focus on preserving the integrity of the campus and academic environment, we then determine what assets can be made available to sponsors in exchange for their financial investments and joint promotional efforts. JMI Sports establishes an office on-campus with a full-time staff dedicated to marketing, selling and implementing the university’s campus-wide sponsorship program.

Digital Signage Networks

A digital signage network is highly impactful enhancement to any campus-wide sponsorship program. Digital video boards are incorporated within vendor kiosks, way-finding stations, bus stops, dining halls, recreation centers, bookstores, parking facilities, highways billboards, etc. This digital network gives the university an effective tool to broadcast emergency alerts, promote campus activities and provide way-finding and schedule information. Sponsors and advertisers are offered a dynamic and highly visible medium to reach and interact with their target markets. Content can be customized on each board to allow for total discretion or the maximization of revenues. JMI Sports works with the university to design and install the network and develop the right formula for financing the boards. Our on-campus team sells, programs and manages the operation of the network, in close coordination with the university.