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Coca-Cola and Notre Dame

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Our Notre Dame Global Partnerships team and Coca-Cola sought to develop a partnership between these two iconic brands that would grow brand affinity, loyalty, and sales through engaging experiences and product integration into the Notre Dame fan and student campus experience.


Notre Dame presents brands with the opportunity to create new and adaptive campaigns that reach the student body across the entire campus. Through customized activations, our NDGP sought to tailor this partnership to Coca-Cola’s desire to create a circular economy with their plastic bottles and create a partnership that differed from the rest of their sports portfolio.


Our NDGP and partners at Coca-Cola collaboratively built a fully integrated partnership across both Notre Dame Athletics and Notre Dame Campus. The long-term partnership cemented Coca-Cola as a Notre Dame Championship Partner.

The partnership focused on three core tenets: create impactful sustainability initiatives, share powerful stories of our work together, and create unique and authentic stadium branding opportunities that increased product trial and drove sales.


A fully integrated 360-degree partnership with co-branded bottles in 14 states, vending machines and recycling program on campus, co-branded cups in sporting venues, digital branding and social content series. Coca-Cola showcases what a true National partnership with Notre Dame can do for their brand.


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