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Collegiate Arena Renovation for the University of Kentucky Wildcats

Collegiate Arena Renovatoin

Lexington, KY

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Project Description

Renovating an iconic and beloved building to generate additional revenue and modernize the fan experience is a very difficult task so the University of Kentucky reached out to JMI Sports as a trusted partner with extensive sports development experience and unique insight into the UK community. JMI Sports analyzed the impacts of the proposed redesign for Rupp Arena and the surrounding Lexington Convention Center and oversaw aspects of the renovation with an emphasis on the design and operation of the premium spaces.

JMI Sports Role

As the multimedia rights holder for the University of Kentucky, JMI Sports had in-depth knowledge of the UK community, fan and sponsorship experience and proud basketball heritage that helped to inform the overall renovation of the arena and surrounding convention center. JMI Sports created a detailed revenue model to assess the feasibility of the renovation and helped define the number and character of the proposed premium spaces. We worked diligently with the project architects and university leadership to customize the unique look and feel for each of the new club spaces and ensure that the associated amenities including proximity to parking, quality and diversity of food service options and access to seating were consistent with the different price points. Prior to renovation, JMI Sports helped inform the phasing and prioritization of the different premium spaces based on the sequencing of construction, the revenue potential and the desires of the guests and sponsors. During the renovation process, JMI Sports has overseen aspects of design and construction and continued to explore revenue generation opportunities to maximize the benefit to the university.

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