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Goodyear City Center

City Hall and Public Library for Goodyear, Arizona

City Hall and Public Library Predevelopment

Goodyear, Arizona

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Project Overview

Goodyear City Center is envisioned to be a vibrant urban neighborhood with a synergistic mix of civic, entertainment, shopping, employment and high density housing uses. Phase I of this long-term project involved design and predevelopment activities for a 100,000-squarefoot city hall and a 30,000-square-foot public library. The 40-acre parcel could realize up to one million square feet of public development, including a performing arts center, recreation center and public plaza. Additionally, over one million square feet of private office, residential and retail buildings may ultimately be built on the site, activating the area day and night. Located in the Phoenix Southwest Valley and within walking distance of the Goodyear Ballpark, Goodyear City Center is planned to be the hub of civic, business and social happenings in this progressive city.

Our Role

JMI Sports assembled the development team that was selected by the City of Goodyear to build its new downtown from the ground up. As a member of Goodyear Civic Center Developers, JMI Sports (in partnership with Lankford & Associates) managed the planning and design of the initial project phase, which includes a city hall and public library. After project financing is secured, our team will oversee the construction of these new public facilities. JMI Sports is also participating in the master planning of all phases of this multi-faceted development, including branding, leasing and other place-making efforts. The goal of Goodyear Civic Center Developers is to create a vibrant and sustainable community that will maximize the value for the City of Goodyear.

JMI Sports was instrumental in bringing the Cleveland Indians to their new spring training home in Goodyear and delivering a facility that has become a tremendous source of civic pride. Erik Judson’s insight and personal magnetism were crucial to our success in the venture.

James Cavanaugh, Former MayorCity of Goodyear

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