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Chula Vista Olympic Training Center

Feasibility Consultant for an Olympic Training Center

Olympic Training Center Feasibility Study for the City of Chula Vista

Chula Vista, California

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    Feasibility Consultant

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    USOC / City of Chula Vista

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    US Olympic Committee


The U.S. Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, California is the first U.S. Olympic Committee training center to be master-planned from the ground up. Resting on a 155-acre complex, the Chula Vista Olympic Training Center has sport venues and support facilities for archery, beach volleyball, BMX, canoe/kayak, cycling, field hockey, rowing, rugby, soccer, tennis, track & field, triathlon, and cross-training abilities for various winter sports. Since opening in 1995, the CVOTC has benefited thousands of Olympic hopefuls, numerous community groups, and countless visitors from around the world. In order to best serve its various constituents for years to come, the USOC and City of Chula Vista explored options for alternate ownership and management structures with the goal of maximizing the Center’s effectiveness, identifying operational efficiencies and generating additional revenues.


JMI Sports was engaged by the City of Chula Vista and the U.S. Olympic Committee to find a long-term solution for the repositioning of the Chula Vista Olympic Training Center. The goal of JMI Sports was to provide the City and USOC with the information and analysis necessary to make a well informed determination on the best future use of the property and provide a roadmap to ensure a successful transition. JMI Sports first conducted research to identify several potential solutions and provided a short-list of alternatives that were operationally feasible, financially viable and mutually beneficial. Extensive due diligence was then performed, including community and stakeholder outreach, detailed financial modeling and an evaluation of legal structures. It was ultimately determined that transferring ownership and operational control of the land and facilities from the USOC to the City was the strategy that best met the objectives of all stakeholders. Based on that conclusion, JMI Sports assisted in determining an equitable deal structure, drafting a memorandum of understanding, and outlining a detailed action plan for the transition of the property.

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